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DVD Ripping by teh0mega

So, for fathers day, my mother and I got my dad (and of course the rest of the family) some seasons of MacGyver and Quantum Leap. Since I am an avid + streaming media (especially I want to share with the community that I’ve used so much by adding MacGyver.

On that note, does anyone know of any good DVD Ripping guides, or specifcally wanna write a quick one? hehe comes with Season 2 (and at a later date, Season 3) of MacGyver!!!!

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grls and stuff by chucho

obligitory first day post.

but before we get started here is a mix for you. the first song is mood setting. the next seven are about specific girls (over time. chronilogically). the last two are mood destroying. enjoy fast; ill probably take it down around the end of the month.

so, i got up around 7:20 this morning (the earliest since school got out). we were on the raod around 9.

i drove all the way from redding to palo alto. we only stopped once for gas (really for potty for my navigator).

we crossed one bridge. “if this is the golden gate, i will be sadly dissapointed”.

after an hour waiting to pay a $4 fee (highway robbery), we crossed her. “what a pretty bridge” she said. over and over.

she grew more anxius as we approached our final destination. i grew less. here are some pictures of my single room, and one man doing youguessisasgoodasmine. sorry my camera sucks

so we had some activities, and trouble getting internet up, but i eventually ended up listening to cake, eating cookies, and talking to you, duncan, and the goilie.

oh yeah, i met this guy Lorenzo. he’s from italy. he reminds me of avyakata and charles (the forein exchange student from france). i think he is my first friend here. ill try to get a picture of him for you tomorrow.

gnight all.

oh yeah:
stanford university – summer college
lagunita court residence
326 santa teresa street
stanford, CA 94305

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Car Accident by prudence

For my summer class to Mexico I had to write two papers in Spanish. I drove down to Forest Grove to hand them in to my prof and to have one last day with the other students that I spent three weeks with in Tapalpa. At the end of the reunion I headed back home.

I was about thirty minutes away from home when I was driving on Bertha Blvd. I was listening to some tunes, driving straight and approaching the green light at Vermont when a woman failed to yeild and turned into the intersection. Her front fender smashed head on into my little car, spewing anti-freeze everwhere.

I was shaken… but after checking to see if she was okay I was less concerned about my car than I was about protecting myself legally. I reached into my purse and got my accident information packet along with my camera. I started to take photos of the damage, her and her license plate. It was a pretty stoic reaction.

She was pretty nice given the circumstances. She didn’t yell at me or blame me… In fact, she constantly apologized, admitted it was her fault, and made sure I had a ride home. She even gave me extra information after the cop already swapped info for us.

I tried calling home but the phone cut out. Then I got a hold of my dad… who responded poorly. I told him I was in an accident and he reacted as if I told him I got a bee sting or some minor event happened. He didn’t even ask me if the car was okay, let alone me. That’d be asking too much. I told him I needed a ride and he hesitated to agree to it. He made me cry.

I called my mom… she asked me if I was okay, how the other driver was doing, if the car was drivable and then she rushed out the door to come pick me up.

My dad didn’t even show.

My 2002 hyundai accent that I just got done paying 7k for was totaled; her 89 ford taurus had a smushed fender and that was about it. Mine was screwed; her’s was drivable. My $7,000 investment is fucked. I know her insurance will cover it because it was her fault… but the car is worth less to a scrap yard than it’s worth to me. I’m not going to get a replacement or the total value for it. I’m upset about that.

I went to the hospital. No serious damage but quite a bit of pain. They perscribed me vicodin. Super.

I’m going to be stuck here at home for the summer. I know I’m complaining a lot, and I should be greatful that I’m alive and the other woman is okay and that I have a home to come home to and a loving mom and fat cats to snuggle up to… but after coming home from school and then Mexico, it was just so depressing to remember how shitty things can be here sometimes. And now I have no transportation, no escape and I have to stay home until I can move well again.

I’m just really sad about the recent events.

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“Just let me fail,” I almost want to say… by mariana

It is about impressions, I know that. I know I haven’t tried to be impressionable, I know that. I know that I should, I know.

One can do semi-well on the comps yet not pass simply because it’s all subjective and personality plays a huge role. This is true.

For some reason I am unwilling to try. I know it’s hurting me… I don’t know if I care. Not succeeding because you’re afraid and failing because of it is the worst, I know. I also know that it’s almost more acceptable to oneself if that’s the case if failure occurs. I know all of this.

I haven’t wanted to think about it, and hearing someone else, someone whose opinion of me I care greatly about, tell me this is hard. I know I’m being very foolish acting one way when I know it’s not what I should be doing.

It’s also hard when this person who doesn’t know me all that well tells me it’s because he thinks I lack confidence. It’s incredibly difficult to hear all these things that I know are true, that I have already identified and pushed away.

At the same time, it means a lot to me that he would confront me and tell me his perspective on all of this. Because it’s hard to tell someone this sort of thing, and because it shows he cares. I know he’s trying to help me.

I know have thrown a lot away…. I just don’t know if I want to try to salvage it. There is my confession.

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Fun In Minneapolis by sara

It’s hot and humid here, but we stiil have fun. After walking around, meeting Ric, and getting a tour of MCAD, we went to a birthday party for some guy at one of Diana’s friends house. It was sort of awkward – seeing as Andy and I didn’t know anyone – but still sort of fun. Some annoying guy on shrooms was there, and ended up getting most of his dreads cut off. He didn’t notice until hours later. Haha.


I’m not naked… just tired and wearing a tube top.

Drunken Skating

Drunken skating in the house… not the greatest idea, but it was entertaining.

Diana and I slept on her pull out bed with her friend Drew. I woke up with a slightly aching head and stomache, but otherwise good. We walked around the city this afternoon, and now we’re headed out to Minnehaha (that’s its real name) Falls.

Ack… another long day in the car tomorrow for our return trip… through North Dakota, six or so hours, you betcha.

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brad neely > * by teh0mega

my new favorite RSS feed

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progression by swift

so my upset tummy turned into a full blown sore throat. gay.

also, here is a sweet gutair hero themed short.

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Like Mother Like Daughter by misseyre

and I go to see Ingrid Michaelson open for The Undisputed Heavyweights, and she’s singing “The Way I Am.” As she’s singing I recall the moment at the Eugene concert when I was the only one in the whole place to laugh at the line “I’ll buy you rogaine when you start to lose your hair.” I remember thinking it was hilarious and thinking it was strange that no one else thought so (and I’ll admit a little embarassed that I was the only one to laugh).

So we’re at this concert last night, and that line comes, and my mom is the only one who laughs. And she’s a little tipsy, and consequently incredibly loud…..

I couldn’t help but notice the irony.

The other night I’m with my mom and cousin at a bar, and these guys start talking to us. At one point guy #1 asks her: “so how do you know each other?”
Mom: oh…we’re cousins
Guy #1: So you’re not her mom….are you?
Mom: Oh no no….of course not….
Guy #1: Oh good…..cause that would be weird….
Mom: laughs to herself…. (it’s just as she expected….when she told me that we should pretend we weren’t mother and daughter I didn’t really see why…but she knew that it would make people uncomfortable…)

A moment later Guy #2 asks me if we work together (is that how we know each other) I’m tipsy, and don’t care enough to go with the story my mom and I already decided on (that we’re cousins), and I say “oh yeah…we work together”

Guy #1: I thought you were cousins?
Me: oh right…..hmm….well….we’re both!
Guy #2: Wait…so how are you related? Cousins in what way?
Me: pssh…it doesn’t matter….(I think to myself…I honestly don’t give a fuck anymore)
Guy #2: no I really want to understand…
Me: It’s complicated, it’s complicated….don’t worry about it.

So they forget about it and relax and we bs with them for a while longer….

I’m sure the second we walked out they looked at each other and said….that’s totally her mom…

I don’t really understand why it weirds people out when my mom and I hang out together….it was funny though…we had a good laugh on the walk home….

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