What is elowel?

elowel (pronounced lol) is a free blogging community. Free like NPR.

elowel is a melting pot, a conglomeration of people all thinly intertwined but all sharing the common ground: elowel.org. elowel is a community of awesome people, and you’re welcome to come be awesome with us all.

Your friend probably referred you, or you found us through a search or a link in someone’s profile somewhere else not near as good as here. Good. Now you’re here. Read some journals, if you’re liking the vibe: sign up, reply. Write some posts yourself. Get some replies, give some replies, post again.

elowel needs you to come and write and interact with other users. elowel needs you to have fun, be creative and not die.

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What up?

Just a heads up: starting at 7am Saturday the 2nd and lasting a couple hours afterward the server is getting upgraded so elowel won’t be around.

So don’t start composing your post at 6 a.m., then hit ‘save post’ after the festivities begin!

(Expect great things to come from this, avatar hosting anyone?)


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And the winner is…

Webfest was an amazing experience and the competition was very fierce.  There were plenty of sites deserving of a first place finish, some very worthy that didn’t win anything at all.  Its hard to compete with the big fish and I’ll admit there were times I was definitely doubting our chances.  But we all held on and…

You did it elowel.  You won them over with your swanky charm, laid back attitude and youthful good looks.  We stole first prize.

We as in the developers and we as in the community. We make elowel, but you make it elowel.

I know a lot of features rolled out recently and just because we’re not actively involved in any sort of competitions right now does not mean we are going to slow down. We want to continue strong, but first… we need a nap.

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